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My Car Polish Workshop, our subsidiary, is located in Al Twar 1, Dubai, UAE. Since 1999, our goal is to satisfy our customers by offering a wide range of services throughout the week to keep your car shining all day long.

Automobile Detailing

Our extensive exterior and interior detailing services will keep your automobile looking like it just rolled out of the showroom. From freshening up your interior upholstery to safeguarding paintwork, scratch removal, and window tinting, our trained technicians are the go-to professionals for restoring and maintaining your car's appearance.

Our Services

Marine Boat Detailing

My Car offers a comprehensive boat detailing program to keep your boat looking pristine all year. We shield the paintwork and gel coat from the sun's rays and other potentially detrimental environmental conditions.

Our Services

Aviation Detailing

Our skilled polishing team concentrates on every component of the aircraft, ensuring quality, prompt service, and the prevention of long-term corrosion. We provide a clean and comfortable trip to the passengers for a long journey ahead.​​

Our Services

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